Pearl Whitening Body Cream 60ml

Provide whitening and repairing. And also add pearl powder, skin care molecules to brighten skin, moreover improve skin dryness and lack of water.
After shower, apply a proper amount to all parts of the body until absorb completely. Can enhance massaging of elbows, knees such parts which are easy to be dull.

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Facial Wash Solution 50ml

How to get the clean face? Facial wash is the important action of skin caring, to remove dirt of cosmetics and residues, and leaves the pure face with brightness completely. Direction: Proper amount only to fingertips, massage gently with little water, and follow rinse in clean water.
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Allergic Free Essence Spray 30ml

Nutritional essence enable to film one layer on skin or scalp protect any harm as sun, wash, dry… etc. deteriorated status. Direction: On clean face, spray on, relaxing massage tenderly.
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Aqua Smooth Cream 15ml

Cream phase touch skin will transfer to hydrated molecules. Superior hydration effect takes lustrous face skin. Direction: Day and night on daily apply after lotion or essence, proper amount spread on face and neck skin, promoting absorb at massage gently.
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Awaking Youth Capsule 10pcs

Get more deeply repairing and nourishing for the skin, find the younger look back and anti-wrinkles. Direction: Apply one pill twister from neck of capsule, squeeze into hands and spread on whole face. Instant absorb into skin. Suit for all kinds of skin.
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